Civil Protection

Commercial Courts

For deciding on civil matters in the Republic of Croatia, judicial power is vested in general jurisdiction courts and specialised commercial courts. The enforcement of civil protection of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Croatia lies within the competence of five commercial courts in first instance, with headquarters in Zagreb, Split, RijekaOsijek and Dubrovnik. Civil procedure, as a regular way of legal protection in the field of civil relations, shall be initiated by filing a suit with a competent court against infringement of intellectual property rights.

High Commercial Court settles appeals against decisions made by commercial courts in first instance and settles conflict of territorial jurisdiction between commercial courts.

Upon accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, European Union trademarks and the Community design registered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), with headquarters in Alicante, Spain, started to be valid, and it is a matter of uniform rights valid in the territory of all Member States of the European Union. Commercial Court in Zagreb is designated to be the court of the European Union trademark and the Community design competent in first instance for disputes regarding the European Union trademarks and the Community design in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, whereas second instance decisions shall be made by the High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia.