Entertainment Products and Software

The progress in digital technology and the internet has resulted in the piracy of musical and film works in such proportions that it endangers survival of individual branches of the so-called creative industry, as one of the most dynamic economic sectors in the developed countries, including Croatia.

The data of the European Union Intellectual Property Office published in the Report on Intellectual Property and Youth – Scoreboard 2022, as a result of research conducted among young citizens of the European Union on respecting intellectual property rights, show among other things that 28% of young people aged 15 to 24 in Croatia accessed intentionally pirated content in the last 12 months.

The infographics published together with the Report show that 28% of Croatian respondents used mostly illegal internet sources for films, TV series, music, software, videogames, live sports events and e-books.

Nonetheless, 56% of young respondents from Croatia stated that they rather access copyright works via legal online services.

With online use, users or consumers are generally being advised to use legal online sources (services) for copyright content, which are now increasingly available for consumers in Croatia as well, namely for various categories of copyright works or subject matters of protection by related rights.