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Electric and Electronic Products

Counterfeit products in this group are most often house appliances, batteries, mobile phones and chargers for mobile phones.
As a rule, counterfeit house appliances are of unverified and poor quality in relation to genuine products, which can cause not only frequent defects in products but electrical power surges as well and consequently serious injuries or death of a person handling the appliance.
With counterfeit batteries, rechargeable batteries represent a greater danger than one-time replacement ones for inflammation or explosion danger in a charging process. In terms hereof, counterfeit batteries for mobile phones represent a special danger, as an explosion can occur immediately near a phone user in case that a battery is being charged during a phone call.
Counterfeit mobile phones can be divided in two groups – functional and non-functional ones. It is very often the case that counterfeit mobile phones are not functional at all, which means that the imitation follows only their outside shape; nonetheless, if they can be activated, no mobile phone communication is possible through them.
Functional counterfeit telephones are more sophisticated counterfeits enabling communication; however, very often they lack all the other functions of a specific model. Such mobile phones are more dangerous for a user, because for savings in production and testing they generally do not comply with the regulations on permitted limits of harmful emissions of a mobile phone antenna.
As a rule, counterfeit chargers for mobile phones do not meet technical requirements as prescribed, and with using such devices there is a high risk of a power surge or an explosion of either a charger or a mobile phone.