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International Framework

A number of international organizations, i.e. professional institutions and initiatives are also dealing with the enforcement issues of intellectual property rights, in particular with the problem of counterfeiting and piracy. Coordination bodies for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, as well as individual competent institutions and organizations, monitor the development of the enforcement of intellectual property rights on the international level and cooperate with the aforementioned organizations and initiatives.

World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) deals with the development of a balanced and available international intellectual property protection system evaluating creativity, encouraging innovations and contributing to the economic development, providing at the same time for the protection of public interests. The development of respect of intellectual property rights represents also one of the areas of the WIPO’s activities, within which there operates Advisory Committee on Enforcement - ACE. This Committee discusses topics concerning the enforcement of intellectual property rights and the raising of public awareness about the importance of respect of intellectual property rights. The tasks of this Committee are technical assistance and coordination in the enforcement issues of intellectual property rights, the cooperation with competent institutions and private sector in fighting counterfeiting and piracy, and the exchange of information and experience in the field of the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Considering the importance of permanent education in this area, WIPO’s Advisory Committee on Enforcement, in cooperation with the Interpol, the World Customs Organization, the World Health Organization and other competent organizations and bodies, organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and other forms of education activities intended for all relevant factors in the enforcement system of intellectual property rights.

International Police Organization (INTERPOL)

In addition to other areas of operation, INTERPOL is active in fighting criminal related to the infringements of intellectual property rights, i.e. counterfeiting and piracy. INTERPOL's activities in this area comprise support to regional and global operations to break up the networks of organized crime behind counterfeiting and piracy, organization of specialized training programmes in this area through the International IP Crime Investigators College – IIPCIC, and exchange of information and intelligence via secure police communications system and a specialized Database on International Intellectual Property (DIIP) Crime. INTERPOL develops partnership with a wide range of representatives across sectors in order to facilitate a multidisciplinary response to this complex issue of counterfeiting and piracy.

World Customs Organization - (WCO)

Considering a prominent role of the customs in fighting global problem of counterfeiting and piracy, the World Customs Organization (WCO) develops a number of activities in this area. Among other things, it established the IPR Strategic Group gathering customs experts and representatives of the private sector in order establish cooperation and exchange of best practice and experience in the fight against the infringements of intellectual property rights. The activities of the World Customs Organization in this area comprise also the development of partnership with the rights holders, training programmes and the development of techniques and methods to fight counterfeiting and piracy.

World Health Organization - (WHO)

In addition to other areas of operation, the World Health Organization (WHO) deals with various aspects of intellectual property concerning public health protection. Apart from the activities related to the development of innovative medicinal products and the transfer of technology, the fight against counterfeiting of medical devices represents also a significant area of the activities. Under the umbrella of the World Health Organization there operates the International Medical Products Anti- Counterfeiting Taskforce – IMPACT. IMPACT is consisted of the representatives of governments, organizations, institutions, agencies and associations from developed and developing countries gathered in achieving common goals such as the development of interinstitutional cooperation in the fight against counterfeit medical devices on the national, regional and international level, raising awareness of this problem and developing adequate legal measures, efficient exchange of information and providing expert assistance and support to the development of strategies in this area.

International Chamber of Commerce - (ICC)

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) gathers national and local organizations promoting business and professional interests of businessmen and corporations, companies, firms, legal persons and individuals participating in the international business activities. In order to organize a global fight against counterfeiting and piracy, the International Chamber of Commerce launched the initiative called Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy – BASCAP. BASCAP tries to raise public awareness of citizens about the negative impact and risks of counterfeiting and piracy; it advises governments and competent institutions on the possibilities of organizing and improving efficiency of the protection system and the enforcement of intellectual property rights and attempts to build public awareness of the need and importance to protect intellectual property.
Via its activities, BASCAP informs the international public on the damage incurred by counterfeiting and piracy – the risks of losing workplaces, the hazards to the safety and health of consumers, the negative impact on the innovativeness and development of high quality production, the link with organized crime, the reduction in technology transfer etc.

European Union Intellectual Property Office - (EUIPO)

European Union pays significant attention to the issues of counterfeiting and piracy. In order to provide for and support the cooperation between competent national state authorities, the private sector and the institutions of the European Union in fighting the infringement of intellectual property rights, there has been established the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy,  i.e. according to the new name the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. Originally established as an office of the European Commission, the European Observatory operates since 2012 at the European Union Intellectual Property Office - EUIPO, as an office of the European Union competent for registration of the European trademark and industrial design (the so-called European Union trademark and the Community design). The operation of the European Observatory aims at improving understanding of the intellectual property value and the proportions and influences of the infringements of these rights, as well as raising awareness of citizens about these issues; developing knowledge and best practice in protecting intellectual property rights in the public and the private sector, expertise in the rights enforcement procedures and adequate technical tools to prevent and resolve the cases of the rights infringement; developing cooperation and exchange of information on the rights infringements among the European Union Member States, as well as the international cooperation with third countries in this area.