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Important Notice - COVID-19

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INTERNAL PROTOCOL FOR WORKING WITH CLIENTS on the premises of the State Intellectual Property Office

In view of the current situation regarding COVID-19, according to the instructions by the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Institute of Public Health, the State Intellectual Property Office takes the necessary measures in monitoring the development of the situation and preventing the spread of infection.

Considering the current situation related to COVID-19, we emphasize that the safest way to continue doing business is to use electronic forms of communication!

For information services, we continue to do business and communication with our clients EXCLUSIVELY by telephone and via electronic means of communication! We refer to communication via telephone numbers: 6109 825, 6109 423, 6106 410, 6106 361, 6106 278 and electronic mail:

For all actions of application and registration of intellectual property, including subsequent submissions, the e-Login application is available to you on the SIPO’s website:

If there is any reason for you to be able to personally submit the file at the Reception Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, as recommended by the Ministry of Labour and in order to prevent spreading of coronavirus COVID-19, please be kind to observe the following protocol:

Internal protocol of the State Intellectual Property Office for working with clients, effective as of 16.3.2020 until its suspension.

  1. Kindly leave your submission in an envelope that can be found on the desk, seal it and write on it how you will take over the processed submission!
  2. You can receive the processed submission with the Office confirming its receipt via postal package or you can take it over personally within the time to be agreed on with a responsible administrator by phone number 01/6106-418
  3. Receipt of the submission shall be confirmed by post or with personal takeover.

NOTE: As of 16.3.2020, exit documents of the Office shall be delivered exclusively by post.



Datum novosti: 17/03/2020