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Open Public Consultation of the European Commission on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries

Illustration: Approved by the European Commission

We would like to inform you that on May 25, 2022, the European Commission, DG Trade, opened a public consultation on the protection of intellectual property rights in third countries.

The main goal of the consultation is to determine which third countries are of most concern with regard to the situation in the field of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and, consequently, to update the list of so-called priority countries, which will help the European Commission to focus its efforts and resources to strengthen the level of intellectual property protection in those countries.

Also, the reports that will be prepared as a result of this public consultation will be useful for businesses operating in countries with lower levels of protection and respect for intellectual property rights, to adopt business strategies to protect their intellectual property when starting business or the markets of these countries.

You can read more about the consultation itself and the possibilities for involving stakeholders in the consultation at following link.  

The public consultation will be open until August 12, 2022. 

Datum novosti: 06/06/2022