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Administrative Procedure and Administrative Dispute

State Intellectual Property Office

State Intellectual Property Office is competent to conduct special administrative procedures for the grant /registration of industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial design, geographical indications and designations of origin of goods and services, and topographies of semiconductor products), and it is also competent for administrative and inspection actions in the field of copyright and related rights (granting of authorisations for collective management of rights and inspection control of the operation of copyright and related rights collective management associations). In addition hereto, the activity of the Office comprises other professional tasks in the field of intellectual property..

Administrative Court in Zagreb

Parties whose requests were fully or partially rejected can initiate an administrative dispute against the decisions of the State Intellectual Property Office made in procedures for the grant /registration of industrial property rights or other procedures to decide on the validity of rights and in administrative procedures in the field of copyright and related rights, by filing a suit with the Administrative Court in Zagreb, as an exclusively competent court in this field. Administrative courts pass decisions on the legality of decisions made by authorities governed by public law on the rights, obligations and legal interests of natural and legal persons and other parties and on the legality of proceedings by authorities governed by public law in the field of administrative law.  The appeals against rulings of the Administrative Court in Zagreb shall be settled by the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia.

Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia

Ministry of Agriculture performs administrative and other tasks in the field of agriculture, fishery, forestry, rural development, state-owned agricultural land management and distribution, agricultural policy, organisation of the market of agricultural products, market and structural support in agriculture, food and tobacco industry and veterinary medicine. Ministry of Agriculture conducts administrative and other tasks that refer to health safety, hygiene, quality and labelling of food, animal feed, prevention of food waste, establishment and implementation of quality systems for agricultural and food products and organisation of official controls. The Ministry coordinates and harmonises the Croatian agricultural policy and the policy of rural development with corresponding policies of the European Union, it implements projects from EU funds and programmes and other forms of international aid, and performs other tasks assigned to it by special regulations.